Here is a collection of useful websites that you can utilize to address any internet problem you may encounter. Use these websites to become smarter, increase your productivity, learn new skills and much more! The list below contains the website name, URL and a short description.

Website Link Description
Muscle Wiki Pick a muscle and find workouts.
Eat This Much Create a meal plan for your Diet.
Darebee Printable workout sheets.
Temp Mail Get a temporary email address.
Hot Pot Restore your old Photos.
Alternative To Find Alternatives to different software programs.
Smmry Summarize text that you paste.
Yandex Reverse image search engine.
Class Central List of thousands of free certificates and badges.
Free Learning List Free places to learn on the internet ranked and categorized.
BlackLight Real-time website privacy inspector.
My 90s Tv Watch 90s TV Shows.
Just Watch Find streaming sites for movies and TV Shows.
Drive and Listen Listen to music while driving through different countries.
Body Visualizer Create different body proportions.
Make me a Cocktail Find drink recipes based on your ingredients.
Tune Find Discover songs in TV shows and Movies.
Play Retro Games Play retros games from the past on your PC.
Plan Your Room Design a room in your house.
Amazon Style Snap Find products on amazon matching a picture you upload.
Symbolab Step-by-step solutions to mathematical problems.
The In Paint Remove unwanted things from your pictures.
Remove BG Remove the background from images.
Will Robots Take my Job Find the percentage chance a robot will take your job
Kick Resume Create a resume using proven resume templates
Foto Forensics Determine if a image has been photoshopped.
Photopea Online photoshop alternative
Cheatography Collection of cheat sheets and quick references
WolframAlpha Unique engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.
Explore Watch animal livestreams from around the world.
Coding Game Learn how to code video games.
Future Me Write a letter to your future self.
How Normal am I Find out how normal you are.
Flight Radar 24 Live global flight tracking. (real time)
Emergency and Disaster Info Map of global emergencies and disaster.
Marine Traffic Live map of global marine traffic.
AI Gahaku Turn your picture into a masterpiece.
Outrider Nuclear Bomb Find out what would happen if a nuclear weapon dropped near you
Security How secure is your password?
Leo Labs Tracks all satellites and debri in space.
Stellarium Look at a map of the stars from your location.
My Heritage Animate old Photos.
Find a Grave. Find the gravesite of celebrities and people.
Unscreen Remove the background from videos.
Snapdrop Transfer files over your WiFi.
Netflix Codes Find codes for secret Netflix categories.
Tailor Brands Create your own Logo.
Natural Readers Powerful Text to Speech.
Lightning Maps Track real time lightning strikes.
YOUDJ Create Mixes and DJ in your browser.
Sleepy Time Calculate the perfect time to go to sleep.
Synthesia Let an AI do your presentations.
Uberduck Celebrity Text to speech.
Youtube Downloader Easy way to download youtube videos.
Desk Spacing Create your dream copmuter setup.
Is there any Deal Find deals on video games.
Don Jon Generate maps, worlds and characters for Dungeons and Dragons.
Reel Good Play roulette to get random movies from netflix.
Taste Atlas Discover food from around the world.
YT5s Download Youtube Videos.
EDX Take free courses online from big universities like Harvard and MIT.
Namechk Check if a username is availble on multiple social media sites.
Account Killer Find out how to delete social media accounts.
Cleanup Pictures Delete objects from pictures.
Can you run it? Check to see if you can run a PC game.
Corrupt a File Upload a file and corrupt it.
I Love PDF All the PDF tools you will need.
Tinywow Moaaar pdf tools.
Stain Solutions List the best way to remove stains from different materials.
Flow CV Get help creating your resume.
Atlas Obscura Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations.
QuillBot AI Paraphrasing Tool
Neal This site is turning big data into small bites of addictive fun.
Yarn The best way to find video clips by quote.