Hello, I’m Hristijan, and my curiosity leads me to explore a diverse array of activities. Some of these endeavors are noteworthy enough to document, and I firmly believe that sharing experiences enriches us all. That’s precisely the purpose of this blog – to inspire learning and discovery.

From my earliest encounters with computers, I’ve been captivated. Initially drawn in by video games, I soon developed a competitive edge. As I matured, my fascination shifted towards understanding the inner workings of technology: the intricate processes, the interconnectedness of systems, and the boundless possibilities at our fingertips. Despite my high school curriculum focusing elsewhere, I dedicated most of my spare time to platforms like TryHackMe and HackTheBox. Through exploring areas like Security, Linux, and Networking, I gleaned a crucial insight: there’s always a way in

Presently, I serve as a technical consultant specializing in cloud technologies and devops methodologies. My ultimate aim is to contribute towards a world that’s not just technologically advanced, but also secure and safeguarded for all.