My name is Hristijan, I do and try variety of things and activities. Some of them are worthy of being recorded. Most of those things, thoughts or experiences, in my opinion, are better when shared. Someone might read it and learn something new, which is exactly what this blog is for.

I was fascinated by computers ever since my first introduction to them back when I was little. Beginning with video games and acquiring a competitive mindset, as I grew older I became increasingly interested in what background processes occur, how computers communicate with one another and how the world becomes so small and everything is at your fingertips. Despite the fact that my high school’s focus was on something completely different, I found myself spending the majority of my free time on platforms like TryHackMe and HackTheBox where amongst Security, Linux and Networking essentials, I also learned a valuable lesson: there is always a way in.

I am currently employed as a technical consultant with a focus on cloud technology.
I aspire to make the world a better, more secure and safer place.